Monday, June 28, 2010

Blogging about the obvious: Delicious and Google Docs

I've been MIA for a while.  My girlfriend is graduating from nursing school and my daughter is finishing up an outstanding softball season.  In the midst of all that, I changed jobs.  Not something that I've done often; 3 times in fact including this change!  I found the whole process very inspirational and after 11+ years with my last company I feel like I understand my value again.

Anyway, with a new job comes new people.  With new people, if you're listening, can come a lot of new growth!  My buddy John introduced me to an age-old internet site:  I had become a big fan of Google Bookmarks in recent months and while I'd heard of I really had no idea what the whole thing was about and couldn't be bothered to investigate.  The 1-on-1 time with my buddy, whom incidentally got me this new job, proved to be what I needed to make the jump.  Wow, what a jump.  I'm head over heals for delicious!  It's almost perfect and significantly better than Google's own offering.  That's saying something because I'm a die-hard Googlite.  My only gripe about delicious is it needs a big, centrally located search field rather than the small top-right corner thingy.

Now lets talk about Google Docs.  It has managed to get the job done over the years for the most basic of word processing and spreadsheet needs.  It's certainly better than notepad/wordpad and has the benefit of being cloud based so I can get to my stuff no matter where I created it from.  The thing that I've found most recently is it's a great cloud notepad tool.  There are always things I want to document for future reference but I don't want those documents tied to any particular machine and I definitely don't want to have to remember to back things up.  I have blogged here about stuff that was tough to figure out and it has been a great place to share the love, but sometimes you just have stuff you need to write down that doesn't deserve a blog post.

Sorry if these 2 things were glaringly obvious to you, but they were not to me and all it took was a little nudge for me to find a couple of the most useful tools I'm currently using.

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